« Hamsa »

moule, contre-moule • sculpture

2021,2022 - porcelain, stains, head pins

‘Hamsa’ or ’the hand of Fatima’, also called the hand of Mary or Miriam, is known in popular belief as a protective hand-shaped amulet.
In various religions and cultures, the amulet symbolises protection. It is worn on pendants but also often as jewellery. Also in this series.

Imprints were made of (mother’s) hands. The loving, caressing or nurturing movement of the mother’s hand is petrified. No matter the time or place, caring and protecting is what a mother does.

Here, the fleeting touch is held. It is opened as if by a taxidermist, preserved and pinned up on cardboard. On the other hand, the amulet can also be worn literally on the body.

Love and pain are inseparable.

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