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revealed landscapes • printmaking

2023 - japanese woodblock print, gouache, awagami bamboo select

This series of 36 images refers to Hokusai’s ukiyo-e series “36 Views of Mount Fuji.

Unlike Hokusai’s series, this series is not based on an existing landscape.
It is an imaginary landscape inspired by the pattern of different shells. These shells, Donnax Vittatus, are called “Olives de Mer” in French.

They are simple, low-profile shells with subtle hues and patterns reminiscent of Japanese landscapes. In Ostend, where I grew up, children trade “beach flowers” with these shells during the summer.

By analyzing the patterns and dividing them into different layers within a fixed matrix, the layers of different shells can be combined into new landscapes during printing.
They suggest images of distant places, grand and expansive. But actually they find their origin in the simple, small, almost invisible at very close range.

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